Vernal Pools (Level 1), 2016, Northeast

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These data consist of Level 1 field-verified and remotely-sensed (potential) vernal pool locations submitted to the Vernal Pool Data Cooperative (VPDC) by cooperators from Delaware, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Quebec, and Vermont. The complete report associated with this project is included in the download of this data, it can also be downloaded separately under the Attachments tab below.

Data submitted to the VPDC were subject to any of three data restriction categories established by the original data source. The data restriction categories are:

Level 1: Unrestricted– Available for visualization and download through the NALCC Conservation Planning Atlas;

Level 2: Visualization only– Available for visualization in the Conservation Planning Atlas; download requires permission from data source; 

Level 3: Restricted– Not available for visualization or download; access requires permission from data source. 

Data submitted to the VPDC do not represent a comprehensive picture of all vernal pools on the landscape. Many data gaps exist, including in states that have conducted statewide mapping using remote-sensing methods (MA, NJ, and VT), in which errors of commission and errors of omission are inherent. In addition, other sources of vernal pool data exist that were not submitted to the VPDC.

Work on this project by the VPDC was led by the Vermont Center for Ecostudies under sponsorship of the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative (NALCC).
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Steven D. Faccio, Vermont Center for Ecostudies, Senior Conservation Biologist
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20150103 - 20160106
Faccio, S.D., S.W. MacFaden, J.D. Lambert, J. O’Neil-Dunne, and K.P. McFarland. 2015. The North Atlantic Vernal Pool Data Cooperative: Final report submitted to the North Atlantic Landscape Conservation Cooperative.
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Massachusetts Division of Fisheries & Wildlife / Natural Heritage and Endangered Species Program
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Terms of Agreement with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)1. Digital data received from the NJDEP are to be used solely for internal purposes in the conduct of daily affairs.2. The data are provided, as is, without warranty of any kind and the user is responsible for understanding the accuracy limitations of all digital data layers provided herein, as documented in the accompanying cross-reference files (see Section 1.14 CROSS-REFERENCE). Any reproduction or manipulation of the above data must ensure that the coordinate reference system remains intact.3. Digital data received from the NJDEP may not be reproduced or redistributed for use by anyone without first obtaining written permission from the NJDEP. This clause is not intended to restrict distribution of printed mapped information produced from the digital data.4. Any maps, publications, reports, or other documents produced as a result of this project that utilize NJDEP digital data will credit the NJDEP's Geographic Information System (GIS) and Site Remediation Program as the source of the data with the following credit/disclaimer: "This (map/publication/report) was developed using New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Geographic Information System digital data, but this secondary product has not been verified by NJDEP and is not state-authorized."5. Users shall require any independent contractor, hired to undertake work that will utilize digital data obtained from the NJDEP, to agree not to use, reproduce, or redistribute NJDEP GIS data for any purpose other than the specified contractual work. All copies of NJDEP GIS data utilized by an independent contractor will be required to be returned to the original user at the close of such contractual work.Users hereby agree to abide by the use and reproduction conditions specified above and agree to hold any independent contractor to the same terms. By using data provided herein, the user acknowledges that terms and conditions have been read and that the user is bound by these criteria.
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