Terrestrial Habitat Map for the Northeast US and Atlantic Canada - Cache Image Only

Dec 8, 2015 (Last modified Jun 24, 2021)
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Dataset was used in a scientifically peer-reviewed publication
Terrestrial Habitat Map for the Northeast US and Atlantic Canada using the Habitat field and Layer file to produce a map cache of the Habitat symbology.

Project information and dataset download are at http://nature.ly/NEhabitat and an interactive viewer with pop-ups is accessed at http://tnc.maps.arcgis.com/apps/webappviewer/index.html?id=fa7c93736ec643a39764ea54339df6d8
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The Nature Conservancy - Eastern Conservation Science
Charles Ferree lead the classification project with support from The Northeast Climate Science Center, The North Atlantic LCC, and many contributors.
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July 2015
Ferree, C and M. G. Anderson. 2013. A Map of Terrestrial Habitats of the Northeastern United States: Methods and Approach. The Nature Conservancy, Eastern Conservation Science, Eastern Regional Office. Boston, MA.
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The Nature Conservancy
Eastern Conservation Science
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Eastern Conservation Science, The Nature Conservancy
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